At Broderick Print, we pride ourselves on having some of the most up-to-date printing machinery in the industry, moving to embrace technology. This means that with our printing presses we can satisfy all your printing requirements. We have New Zealand biggest wide format UV machine, a digital cutter, three offset presses and both large and small format digital machines to cover all aspects of print. We run 5 x 12-hour shifts, and a weekend shift if required, to ensure all work is delivered on time and to our customers’ requirements.

We’re also doing our bit for the environment. We were the first to invest in New Zealand’s chemical free plate processing unit. We also recycle all our paper waste and litho plates.

But let’s be honest, you probably don’t care what machines we have; you’re more interested in what they can do! However, we love our machines. They are very clever and very expensive so here’s a little bit about what each one does…



Plate Size: 600mm x 730mm
Maximum Sheet Size: 520mm x 720mm
Minimum Sheet Size: 350mm x 500mm
Maximum Image Size: 510mm x 710mm
5 colour or 4 colour + special colours like metallic, over gloss or a matt seal

Broderick print has run Komori Lithrone’s for over 20years. They print beautiful work, that we’re very proud of. That excellence means you don’t need to worry about quality control. From small bespoke run packaging to half a million runs.
Used for packaging, brochures, letterheads, catalogues, presentation folders, wine wraps, display cubes and books.


Plate Size: 550mm x 650mm
Maximum Sheet Size: 660mm x 470mm
Minimum Sheet Size: 297mm x 200mm
Maximum Image Size: 650mm x 460mm

The Sakurai Oliver is perfect for printing high-end business cards and documents.
Used for letterheads, brochures, business card shells, folders, medical and business documents.


Plate Size: 400mm x 510mm
Maximum Sheet Size: 520mm x 360mm
Minimum Sheet Size: 128mm x 180mm
Maximum Image Size: 348mm x 500mm

Used for NCR books, envelopes, perforated coupons and numbering


Maximum Sheet Size: 720mm x 510mm
Minimum Sheet Size: 180mm x 105mm

Used for wobblers, die cutting, presentation folders, luggage tags and packaging.


2800 sheets per hour
Maximum sheet size 450mm x 320mm
Minimum sheet size 100mm x 80mm

Used for greeting cards/creased cards, wobblers, tri-card perfing, kiss cutting, tags and packaging.


Maximum Printed Size: 2500mm x 3060mm
Maximum Thickness: 48 mm
Roll Media Option 2000mm width x any length
6 Colour Process plus White (x2)

Used for corflute prints, ACM, toblerone displays, security sleeves, signage (including event signage and footpath signs), bollards, life size cut outs, gondola ends, POS, Instaframes, printing on plywood and large format posters up to double A0!

RICOH 9100

Maximum weight 400gms
Maximum sheet size: 700mm x 330mm
4 colour process
110PPM (prints 6600 sheets per hour)

We have the 9100 which just prints 4 colour process. But it prints up to a sheet size of 700 x 330 which makes it perfect for short run A4 landscape brochures or a 6pp A4 presenter.

Used for wobblers, landscape brochures, short run catalogues, business cards and flyers.

RICOH 7100

Maximum weight 350gms
Maximum sheet size: 700mm x 330mm
4 colour process + additional colour of white or clear
80PPM (prints 4800 sheets per hour)

Variable data for personalising jobs to add that personal touch. Short or urgent jobs made easy.

The 7100 is an amazing machine that has the option to print clear or white. We can print white on black stock or black on black to give a fabulous foil effect at a fraction of the cost.

Perfect for business cards, races numbers, wedding invites, folders, catalogues, flyers, A4 landscape brochures, stickers, strut cards, running events and greeting cards.


6 colour process
Prints up to a 1500mm wide image, any length

Great for liteboxes, canvas prints, banners/pullup banners, large self-adhesive prints, car graphics, floor graphics, vinyl stickers


Prints 1500mm wide
Used for cutting adhesives and vinyl


CIP 4 capable, maximum sheet size; 1150mm


Folds, collates, stitches and trims
Maximum size A4 portrait
Minimum size DLE
Up to 6000 per hour
Used for trimming paper right through to the final trim of printed job. Also used for collating and stitching brochures and catalogues.


Bagel System Digi Fav Pro
Professional celloglazer for lamination up to 1/2 mini quad (720 x 510mm), with single sided lamination capability.